Art Exhibition

My senior art exhibition was a momentous occasion where I showcased a diverse range of artwork, reflecting my passion and dedication to various mediums.

Preparing for the exhibition was an immersive process that allowed me to showcase my skills not only as an artist but also as a graphic designer. To create buzz and generate excitement, I designed captivating posters to advertise the event, capturing the essence of my artistic style and inviting art enthusiasts to witness my creative exploration.

With meticulous attention to detail, I prepared the artwork for display, ensuring each piece was presented in its most impactful form. Utilizing various mediums, including oil paintings, digital paintings, photography, charcoal drawings, and cyanotype fiber art, I created a captivating array of visuals that captured the beauty of everyday life.

Organizing the reception was an integral part of the exhibition, where art enthusiasts, friends, and family came together to celebrate and engage with the artwork. It was a moment of connection, where I had the opportunity to share my creative journey and engage in meaningful conversations about art, life, and the beauty that surrounds us.

To enhance the presentation of my photography and digital artworks, I meticulously adhered prints to wooden panels, providing a unique and tactile display. Some pieces were further enhanced with a protective coat of resin or encaustic wax, adding depth and dimension to the overall visual experience.

My exhibition focused on the appreciation of the often overlooked beauty found in everyday life. Specifically, I delved into the natural splendor of South Dakota, capturing its awe-inspiring landscapes, and celebrated the profound connections within my own family. Through my artwork, I aimed to reignite a sense of wonder and gratitude for the ordinary moments that shape our lives.