I conceptualized the packaging of a beauty product brand. By researching current trends I came up with the design of the brand “oro”, a brand that has a minimalist design that feels calm and sophisticated. I transformed my 2D design and put it into the software Blender to create a 3D mockup.

I started by importing the 2D packaging design into Blender. This design served as the foundation for creating the 3D model.

Using Blender’s robust modeling tools, I constructed the three-dimensional representation of the packaging. This involved creating the various components such as the bottle, cap, label, and any additional details specific to the design. Creating the right lighting setup is crucial for showcasing the design accurately. I carefully positioned light sources within the 3D scene to illuminate the packaging in an appealing way. 

After rendering, I performed post-processing to enhance the visual quality of the 3D mockup. This involved adjusting colors, contrast, and adding any additional effects to make the design truly stand out.